ICC Hall of Fame

Cyber Security

Team Name Competition Award Member
Agam 2021 CyberCup Finals 3rd place Jonathan Zhu, Evan Zhong, Zach Piedad, Agam Randhawa, Nikki Piedad, Kai Wang, Melody Yu, and Maanya Chhajer
Forrest Zeng 2021 CyberCup Qualification Round 7th place Forrest Zeng
Last placers 2021 SoCalCCCC Spring CTF 1st place Tyler Brody, Cameron Weng, Ajitesh
Good team name 2021 SoCalCCCC Spring CTF 2nd place Agam Randhawa, Shaurya, Jonathan
Otamatone 2021 SoCalCCCC Spring CTF 5th place Ian Madden, Scott
Last Placers Google CTF 2021 Tied for 231st place Cameron Weng, Ajitesh Bhatti, Scott Chiang, Melody Yu, Agam Randhawa, Tom Tim, David Zhang, Kai Wang, Timothy Chen, and two other unnamed competitors


Name Level
Agam Randhawa Silver Qualifier
Kai Wang Gold Qualifier

ACSL (American Computer Science League)

Name Award
Melody Yu Bronze Medal, Final, Member of top 1 Group in Senior 5 Division